Environment change is a global challenge for years. Countries are discussing and providing unique solutions to tackle the problem. As consumers, we are producing much more waste than ever.
There are two reasons.
One is the gradual increase in population that has increased from 3.03b to 7.64b from 1960 to 2019 Ref (Google.com).
The second problem is the non-degradable products that we use like plastic bottles.
Many companies are taking steps to make control this climate change. Obviously, we can’t contain liquid like shampoo (Maybe in the future we can), but for now, it doesn’t seem to be possible. So, that’s why many companies are trying to reduce plastic waste by reusing plastic bottles. I would like to mention a few of them are here:

P&G ( Procter and Gamble) have introduced a refill pouch. ( Reference )
Unilever has introduced refill stations in the Philippines (Reference)

We must appreciate this. But this is half the solution to the problem the other part of solutions is taking care of nature and producing more and more plants. But here is an important point that I must address with you. And that is the limitation of resources. Although God Almighty has boundless bounties, even then we should care about the resources.

Plants and trees have a key role in sustaining the environment. This article was dedicated to Jurriaan Ruys an environmentalist who invented a wax tub that is used to grow plants in the desert.

About Ruys
Ruys has been an environmental activist since he was eight years old. The first activity was when he handed out stickers to raise awareness for sea turtles, door to door in his hometown back then.
Then he got his engineering degree and worked with McKinsey. After two years he quit the job and worked as a freelance engineer in the love of nature. Now he is CEO of Life Land Company.

With this company, he is on a mission to grow plants in 2b hectare land that is desertification . Desertification is a process in which land dry and loses its fertility.

Now let me brief how this whole process works.


Ruys invented and pot that can contain 25 ltr water and this water is enough for a plant for the first year. After a year when the plant is grown enough to suck water from the earth naturally this pot decomposes completely.

Here are the core benefits of using this technology.

First is survivability: without it, usually, young plants have a survivability rate of around or less than 10%. By planting using this cocoon, it can skyrocket up to 95%.

Second, it is cost-effective and saves water:

“In the first year alone, the trees need at least 5 times less water compared with irrigation”, said Sven Kallen from Volterra Ecosystems, one of Land Life Company’s partners.

You can see the impact of the cocoon.

I am proud to also tell you that my country Pakistan is also taking part in nature restoration by its Pakistan billion tree tsunami project. Which is recognized by UNESCO. (Reference).

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