An easy way to give a professional look across lots of packaging and products? These custom sticker rolls are easy to use on bags, boxes, jars, bottles, and more – anything and everything you’d want to brand. Pick the quantity that works best for you. Consider the options below.


  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Rounded Square


  • Horizontal
  • Vertical


  • White Paper
  • White Plastic
  • Clear Plastic
  • Silver Foil Paper
  • Gold Foil Paper
  • White Vinyl


  • Gloss
  • Matte

Which roll label is best for you?

Roll Labels

Best for high-quantity use

  • 3 materials: paper, plastic, vinyl
  • 4 colors: white, clear, gold, silver
  • Good for indoor & outdoor use
  • Water- and weather-resistant options

Sheet Stickers

Best for low- to mid-quantities

  • 2 materials: paper & plastic
  • 4 colors: white, clear, gold & silver
  • Indoor use only

Sticker Singles

Best for giveaways & events

  • 1 material: plastic
  • 1 color: white
  • Indoor use only
  • Water-resistant options

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Differences between paper and plastic and vinyl sticker materials?
A: Depending upon your requirements, below are the details of different type of materials :

• Paper roll labels are great for indoor use when the sticker won’t come in contact with liquid. We consider this our traditional, budget-friendly roll label sticker option.
• Plastic custom roll labels are oil- and water-resistant and a more durable option for indoor and outdoor use. If you’re labeling products that contain (or are exposed to) oil, lubricants, or cold temperatures, this is a good choice.
• Vinyl roll labels are our most durable stickers. Both weatherproof and dishwasher-safe, they’re up for any task.

Q: Can I order a few samples?
A: Not specified yet.

Q: Can I get overnight shipping?
A: Not specified yet.

Q: If I order 5,000 roll labels, how many rolls will I get?
A: It depends on the size and shape of your roll labels.  If you order rectangular 5″ x 3″ labels, you’ll get 10 rolls of 500 labels each. If you order circular 2″ x 2″ labels, you’ll get 5 rolls of 1,000 labels each.