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Town Crier Pvt Ltd certified printing and packaging Est 1998 in Pakistan. Heat Transfer Neck Labels Manufacturers, Tag less Heat Transfer Labels, Heat Seal Labels, Silicon Heat Transfer Labels. We have established our name, trust, and track record five countries of Asia, those include (Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia) through our professionally managed services. We are the largest HTL (Heat Transfer Label) supplier in the region. Evolved with time our unmatched experience in this field has made us the only choice of today’s customers in this field.

Town Crier also provide services in Eastern European countries like Poland, Finland, Romania, Italy. Then we are in African countries like, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan.

By use types we provide Eco-friendly Apparel or Garment Packaging Boxes, Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes, Cosmetic Packaging Boxes, and Food Packaging Boxes. By material type, we provide Paperboard Boxes or Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Kraft Boxes, Rigid Boxes, and Paper Bags. Other than that we also provide Hang Tags, Packaging Inserts, Inlay cards, and Labels (HTL, Satin, Woven). For marketing, we provide Flyers, Brochures, Pamphlets, Fashion Magazines, and many more. For the office, we provide Corporate stationery. Let it be any length, width or depth, or style we are capable of dealing with any size and shape of Packaging Boxes, Labels, and Hang Tags, and stationary.

What are Heat Transfer Labels?

Heat Transfer Labels short (HTL), also known as “tag-less labels“, are applied directly onto garment using a heat press or home iron. They stretch with fabric, are soft to the touch, and won’t itch the skin.

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